What we do

Auraventi delivers data-driven intelligent information and control solutions that help its clients optimize their ‘weather-bound’ and ‘behaviour-bound’ processes and systems. In other words, if weather affects your planning, we give you better plans. Below are some example use cases.

Forecasting wind and/or solar generation

Whether you have a single small turbine, or an extensive solar farm, we will quickly deliver an API that supports highly accurate generation forecasts for your specific site. Typically, your developers will build calls to our API into your control systems, but if required we will of course provide our forecasts via an accessible graphic interface.

Matching energy demand and supply

Increasingly many householders, businesses and communities have installed renewable energy systems in the last few years. However, the energy produced is intermittent and is not generated when it is needed locally. Working in conjunction with commercially available control and sensing hardware, Auarventi can help orchestrate energy assets to maximise the utilisation of local generation. Our algorithms forecast both energy demand and renewables supply, and then optimise the available controllable loads (e.g. storage heaters, batteries, heat pumps) to maximally align demand and supply; this leads to imported energy savings and associated financial and site emission benefits.


Our core data-intensive forecasting technology is applicable to a wide range of targets. In one of our more recent projects, we are working with a Chinese Environmental Services company (and with Spotsensors, and Topolytics) to forecast the movement of pollutants in a major Chinese city.

Agronomy, Irrigation and more …

In the current Innovate UK-funded SCORRES project, Auraventi is working with several partners to develop automated systems for the Indian rural agricultural sector. The primary system we are helping to build  will deliver an automated irrigation solution, which will aim to help rural Indian farmers save water, energy, and costs.  In this project Auraventi are providing the forecasting solutions, and the optimisation/control technology that will guide the control of the irrigation pumps and other assets.